Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Go Rick!

Hey, everybody! I just wanted to let folks know that my husband has started a blog of his own (yay, Rick!). He's currently using it to document his training for climbing Mt. McKinley next summer. So, if any of y'all are interested in seeing what goes into training for a month-long climb on a 20,000-ft glaciated mountain, or if you'd like to give my husband a little hello and encouragement, or if you'd just like to see a picture of MY NEW CAR, head over to Just Another Day!

And just because I love these pictures, here are some photos of Rick that were taken by Nanda a few weeks or months ago (sorry, but my memory is failing--I'm all of twenty-eight now, you know!):

Maybe we should call him the Prairie Climber!

Prairie Climber! Brilliant!
I told Rosemary tonight that she had to check out Rick's blog and see that tire that he's been pulling around! I was amazed...and glad to see the reflector on the back of it. : )

You are going to be thrilled with your Prius. The more mature and broken-in it becomes, the better the gas milage gets. Enjoy!
Hey! I think I can see my brain in that second picture! And while I know Prairie Climber may have it's appeal, I'm not entirely certain that a prairie can be climbed. I'll have to do some looking into that.
Hooray for bloggin' Rickus! Bloggin' Rickus will help fill the void left by Bridie, who recently retired her blog, and Lucky Spinster, who is at a writer's retreat. Whew. For a minute there, I thought I was actually going to have to, you know, work. :^)
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