Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Are you in the mood for Italian? How 'bout Chinese? Indian???

Rick and I eat out quite frequently. This wasn't always the case. When we first started living together, we cooked a lot. I fondly remember spending time in the kitchen listening to Sinatra, getting buzzed on cheap-ass Lambrusco, and experimenting with new dishes.

Since that time, I've gone back to school, we've had opposing work schedules, and Rick has gone in and out of various training regimens for mountain-climbing. We've gotten out of the habit of cooking every night. We no longer cook so much as we heat up pre-cooked meals. And if we don't feel like doing that...let's go out tonight!

On Sunday, I requested that we go to Pearl's Lakeside. We had a mighty good cajun meal before I came home and began my week's paperwork. So mighty good, in fact, that the tab was twice what we usually pay at any given restaurant. Shocked at the bill, I immediately said, "Let's not eat out the rest of the week," and Rick agreed.

But this morning I started thinking about tonight's dinner. I thought to myself, "We should go out tonight! After all, we've gone all week without eating out." At which point I remembered that today is only Wednesday.

Yup. I had just given myself a congratulatory slap on the back for not eating out in THREE WHOLE DAYS. Doesn't my willpower just amaze you?

Ooo! Me! Me! Pick me! I'm in the mood for those things.
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