Monday, August 07, 2006


The Scarf That Must Not Be Named finally done! That's right. All 48,300 stitches of it!

Hogwarts scarf, by Laura Kent
atypically knit
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun, in Bordeaux and Sunburst
Needles: US size 5, 12 inch circular
Comments: This is the first time I have ever used exactly the same yarn and colors that a pattern called for. The Nature Spun is a basic wool yarn, but it's very soft and I would definitely use it again. The needles, however, were a nightmare. I've used 16-inch circs with no problem, but there just wasn't enough give in the 12-inch to allow me to knit at an angle I'm used to. Early on, I knew that something was going on, because my stitches were even more wonky (wonkier?) than usual. I attributed it to user error and kept going, hoping that blocking would help work those stitches out a little. By the time I realized that it was my needles and not me, I was about halfway through. A more self-respecting knitter would have ripped back at that point, but not me! The next time I knit this pattern, I think I'll try to magic loop it.

On this project, I learned how to do a jogless jog (which sometimes worked well for me and sometimes not so much) and to trust my gut reactions more (especially if the phrase "wonky stitches" keeps repeating itself).

The finished Gryffindor scarf is a double-thick, 7 inch by 88 inch scarf. The 48,300 stitches of mindless stockinette can wear on your soul a bit (think Chinese water torture), but the end product is worth it. Rick loves the scarf and says it's the perfect length. He doesn't even seem to mind the wonky stitches (though personally, I've just decided to pretend that this scarf was knit by a certain house-elf drunk on butterbeer).

YAY It looks fantastic!!

See ya tomorrow (today) :D
The scarf that must not be named is mighty handsome! (even if it did wear on your soul a bit... and your leg) Well done! And timely. Don't you have a band to catch soon....? :^)

And is it just me, or are the letters in the word verifications getting longer? smnrjkpn!
Look great Katie!!!
That looks fabulous! I think I used the same (or damn near close) yarn as the pattern, but your maroon looks lighter than mine. It may be the flash?

And I'm about 5 stripes away (except that the damn kid keeps growing, so the scarf does, too) from finishing.
Thanks for the compliments, guys! And yes, the Bordeaux Nature Spun is more maroon than it looks in these pictures, but I really like the darker red.
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