Friday, August 11, 2006


Presto Change-o!

Rick and I recently turned this:

into THIS!

And now that we're done, I suspect that Sirdar Snuggly might have actually been a center-pull ball as it was packaged. Whoops!

I mean, Wow! This Ball-Winder RAWKS! I'm going to wind balls all day long! *giggle giggle*

Seriously, though. I know I've resisted the whole new-fangled ball-winding technology. Many a knitter has stared at me blankly when I told them that I actually enjoy winding center-pull balls by hand. Now I know why.

And if you are wondering why it takes two adults to operate a simple ball-winder, there are two reasons. Number one is that I'm too cheap to buy a swift to accompany it. This way I get to hold yarn while Rick winds his balls. *giggle giggle* The second reason is that I'm not really an adult at all (see giggles from last sentence).

Tee hee. You said balls. And new-fangled. But more importantly, balls.
I'm glad you're a sixth grader, too.
Ball winding is quite addictive. Yay!
but... *I* like winding center pull balls by hand! the stitch n bitch girls and i tried using a ball winder once.. we ended up with a giant wad of yarn, and we were stepping through loops, etc. maybe we're just idiots. :)
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