Tuesday, August 01, 2006


More Shiva (because I just can't help myself)

I'm sure every new mother/pet owner feels this way about their own, but sometimes I think Shiva is a pretty smart cat. She may not know that pointing a finger at something means to look at it. And sure, she's been living with us for five months now and hasn't picked up a bit of English.

But damn, is this girl good at manipulating humans for food. She knows all the sounds of food. If I open the fridge, she comes running. If she hears the microwave humming, she comes running. If a coke can is popped open, she comes running.

Not that I actually give her anything from the fridge, microwave, or coke can. She knows she's not getting those goodies. But if she sits there with her eyes all big and pouty, speaking in that made up language of hers, "Mew," "Mew," and rubs my leg with her head over and over, I just might remember that she likes little treats, too.

This "I'm so cute, don't you want to feed me?" trick gets me every time.

Lovely, lovely black and white pictures of Queen Shiva. You honor her well. :-) (BTW, did you know when she rubs her head on your legs, she's marking you are HERS??) lol
Maya does something kind of similar to Shiva's big pouty eye, rub head repeatedly on leg while speaking a made up language thing. As does her father. Who do you think taught her? Usually, she does this when she wants to watch Dora or a drink of JUUUUUIIIIIICCCCCEEEE or a sharp, pointy object.
Thank you, Kay. Yeah, the little girl marks me as hers CONSTANTLY. I figure she either has deep abandonment issues or severely decreased short-term memory function.
Nanda--As long as the sharp, pointy object that Maya wants isn't one of my knitting needles actively in use, I bet her cuteness trick would work on me, too. :)
Wonderful pictures of your beautiful cat!

It's funny how easily WE are trained, isn't it? Scouty usually uses the cute stuff right off, but if she doesn't get her way she'll monster me. (picture small fuzzy cat standing on hind legs with front paws outstretched and fangs showing!) rawr.

She doesn't care how big you are, she thinks she can probably take you!
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