Friday, August 18, 2006


If only Chili's was open at 6 am.

When I first started working the night shift, I tried to act so tough. People would ask if it was hard sleeping during the day. "Oh, no," I'd say, "You get used to it. I get eight hours of sleep just like everyone else."

*This is a blatant lie.

Or when they'd ask, "Have you gained weight working on the night shift? My sister's metabolism completely changed on nights," I'd respond with something like, "Actually, I started losing weight because I walk an average of five miles a day while working."

*This is technically true, but omits the rest of the story--after losing ten pounds the first month of work, I packed on twenty the next.

Now when people ask how I liked working nights, I respond honestly. "It's hell," I tell them. Then I repeat it for emphasis. "HELL."

One of the really weird parts about the graveyard shift is how it changes your appetite. At first, you wake up at five pm not very hungry or maybe wanting an egg for breakast, but it's five pm and everyone else is having dinner food. Soon you get used to the idea that you will have to eat dinner for breakfast if you don't want to eat alone every night.

Since I quit working nights two weeks ago, my sleep schedule is already pretty much back to normal. But unfortunately, my appetite is not readjusting so easily. I've awakened every morning this week with a craving for a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake.

I bet the day shifts I work are totally to blame for my weight gain. Or, you know, just the whole consciousness thing in general..
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