Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Don't count on me to answer Sports questions if you're my Trivial Pursuit partner.

I went to my first Redhawks game last week. Actually, it was the first baseball game I've ever attended. I'm not much of a sports fan, as a player or spectator. In high school, I was the girl reading Kafka at the pep rallies, rolling my eyes at anyone who dared to look like they were having a good time. This lack of sports enthusiasm was probably made evident last week when, at the end of the seventh inning, I stood up and said, "Well, that was a good game." At which point it was explained to me that there are nine innings in a baseball game. Whoops!

I surprised myself by having a great time. When you take the time to learn the rules, baseball actually seems like an interesting and complex game. I couldn't keep up with a lot of it. Every couple minutes, someone would say, "Did you see what the first baseman just did?" No! I was looking at the pitcher! Or maybe I was watching the man in the ostrich suit who was throwing hot dogs at people. Like I said. It's an interesting game, this baseball. And guess what?

The stadium not only sells terrific funnel cakes...

It has its very own Jackson Pollock-inspired bison!
Dude. We got some serious culture going on here in Oklahoma City. Seriously.

Love the seventh inning story!

You're not alone, I'm so not a sports fan that when I got digital satellite hooked up they were telling me the various packages available and I asked if there were any packages with no sports channels. There aren't, and I was the first person ever to ask.
Don't count on me to answer any questions if you're my Trivial Pursuit partner. In fact, if you are ever paired up with me, I'd ask for a reassignment. It's okay. I'll understand. I wouldn't want to be my partner either.

After a while, does the funnel cake seem like a 3-D representation of a smallish piece from a Pollock painting? Or is it just because I am miserably tired?
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