Monday, August 14, 2006


Aren't all conversations about food and knitting?

Did y'all know that the debate about straight needles vs. circular needles doesn't just apply to knitting? It's true. I know because I sent Rick in to Dunkin Donuts Sunday morning for breakfast.

"Do you want a round donut or a rectangular one?" Rick asked.

I sighed. "It always comes back to straight vs. circular, doesn't it?" I thought it out for a moment.

"Oh, all right, give me a circular."

ROFL I find this hilarious......especially since I just finished reading a long post about how to make knitting needles from chopsticks and bamboo skewers -- both straight and circular. Yep, even it food and utensils the debate continues!!

the most important thing to remember is ALL knitting (and doughnuts) are GOOD.
How do donut holes fit into the equation?
I'd better not make knitting needles from chopsticks. I can't pick anything up with chopsticks, and I'm superstitous enough to think I might not be able to knit with chopstick needles.

But donut holes? Maybe they could be used as row counters. Buy a dozen and you get to eat one every time you finish a row.

I bet I would be a lot faster knitter if I used the donut hole method.
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