Monday, July 10, 2006


Who wants more river pictures?

If you answered "Not me!", you'd best turn back now. I'm all about the pictures, baby.

Like I eluded to in one of my last posts, I think the Buffalo River is one of the prettiest places in America. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, the river is surrounded by lush forests, huge bluffs, and tons of wildlife. The entire first day of canoeing, we didn't see any other people. We didn't have to share those twelve miles of wildnerness with anyone, and for an anti-social such as myself, that's about as close to a perfect vacation as it gets.

As you can see, I took my knitting with me. I was worried about what would happen to my precious wool if the canoe were to tip, so I packed it in a Ziploc bag and hoped for the best. We never tipped, but I ended up not knitting at all, as I just didn't feel like it with all the layers of sunscreen and bug spray on. Next time, I'll bring it strictly as car knitting.

Rick and I decided we'd like to canoe the entire length of the Buffalo River (no, not at one time!). So it looks like we'll be headed back year after year for awhile. 21 miles down....114 miles to go!

How fun! I wouldnt want to knit with sunscreen on either. Yick! I'd feel like there were wool fuzzies all over me.
What a beautiful trip! Sounds like heaven!
Those pictures are almost enough to persuade me to venture outside. But, then I start thinking about the bugs and the sun and the general stickiness and I start to think that I'll just vacation vicariously through you and Rickus instead.

Sounds like a great vacation!
"Veni, vidi, vici." That's all you gotta say.

Kaitie is so humble "y'all" what she's left out is "she's got MAD paddlin skillz!" When we were picked up by our guides at the end of our trip in Arkansas, EVERYONE was blown away at the fact that we canoed the 21+ miles in 2 days! Mostly due to my cute and innocent knitting sweetie! See, I can climb a big O'l scary mountain like it's nobody's business. But get me on the water and you best make sure you got the back seat. Mostly for fear that I'll projectile vomit (Exorcist style) in your general direction. That's right rickus gets sea sick. So the muscle on the water is... That's right! Katie. And let me tell you she's got a bad assed nasty paddle stroke! I'm here to tell you. Just ask about her about Cook's Cove in Hawaii. Nuf said!

There's nobody I'd rather do the rest of the Buffalo with. Nobody! And probably no one else that would have me.

Thanks for the comments, everyone! It really was a great trip.

And Nanda, the bugs weren't that bad, though yeah, there's a certain amount of stickiness to live through.

And Rickus, you're too sweet. You neglected to mention all the Ibuprofen I had to consume to cope with my weekend warrior paddling! But I'll gladly own up to hauling your seasick self back to land off the coast of Hawaii--I'm just glad you don't get seasick on rivers!
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