Monday, July 17, 2006


The slowest knitter on Earth finally goes over the edge.

Check it out. I'm knitting Gryffindor leg warmers for the costuming enthusiast. What Quidditch fan wouldn't want a set of these under their wizard robes during those cold winter matches?

Okay, okay. It's really just Rick's Gryffindor scarf-in-progress. I just needed a break from row after row after row of mindless stockinette on circular needles. A month of knitting and this scarf is still only three feet long!

I mean, Look! I've finished an entire leg warmer and only have one more to go!!!! Yeah, that's it!

(You know, all those exclamation points didn't stimulate the endorphins nearly the way I imagined they would. Back to more super slow knitting. Henceforth I shall refer to this scarf as The Scarf That Must Not Be Named.)

(Also, please excuse the Teva tan. My super cute toes apologize for the tops of my feet.)

You know I meant to tell you that between your scarf-in-progress and the upcoming H and the P show, I have started my own old school Gryffindor scarf.

Rick's looks lovely on your leg :) Add some ribbing at the top and you'll be good to go.
Just an update: I put my scarf on my leg and now I'm 100 percent sure that knit pants are definately a no-go.

Although I will say that I am knitting my scarf much narrower than most patterns call for :)
That legwarmer was so warm I had to crank up the AC after I took the picture. This will be one warm scarf, that's for sure!
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