Monday, July 24, 2006



I am the world's biggest scaredy-cat. I am afraid of snails and crickets and moths (oh my!), and I am apparently scared stiff by change. So afraid that even though I haven't been happy with my job for oh, I don't know, one or two years now, I haven't done anything about it.

Until now. A bad experience at my job in June became the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. In fact, that experience caused me to go on a cleaning rampage the likes of which this house has never seen. (Do y'all remember? I even cleaned the french door windows!). After that experience, I vowed to find another job. It took me a month just to work up the courage to update my resume (because y'all know what updated resumes mean, right? Interviews. Yuck.), but I've finally found a new job. Two weeks from now, I will start a career in home health, working during the weekDAYS like an honest-to-God normal human being. No longer will I have to try to sleep while five neighborhood men mow their lawns simultaneously.


Except for that scaredy-cat thing. Despite, the many, many things that I dislike about my current job, I'm very comfortable in it. And now that I've put in my two weeks notice, I'm thinking of all the things I like about the job. I will miss my coworkers (particularly the ones who bring me home-cooked Indian food!), I will miss starting IV's (my favorite nursing skill), and I will definitely miss having a schedule in which it's possible to have eight days off in a row without using up a single vacation day. I get nervous thinking about all the possible ways to screw up in this new job, and I wonder if I'm making a mistake because there could be a lot of opportunities at this current job once I get my degree.

And then I think of the fact that just by handing in my two weeks notice, I now get to go to my nephew's birthday party AND the upcoming Harry and the Potters show. Suddenly, I'm excited again! I think I'll be all long as I don't encounter too many snails or crickets or moths.

Yay, so happy for you!!
Hey Scaredy-Cat. So often we've thrown our selves far afield of our comfort zones. We eat food others can't pronounce and visit areas of the county that others have never heard of. We make love in... Well ohmm.... You get the idea.

You and I are capable of so much! That's what makes our history and stories so interesting. We're the ones that are unafraid, where others are terrified. Do you think anyone else would have held up so well at the Umatilla Army Depot? H E double L - no! Most people wouldn't even have dared drive your car to the coast (an act of unparalleled bravery). Others would call it fool hardy. Not you and I we are tried, true and stout of heart! Like a lion. There's a cat you can refer to your self as. And, while the outcomes of the decisions we make may not be what we hoped for or expected we've always landed on out feet. As any self respecting cat should!

Your ever loving husband,
You're sweet, sweetie. And right in a way. If there's one thing I'm NOT afraid of, it's food! :)

Don't worry. Now that I'll be able to drink a little wine at night, I ought to calm down considerably.
Oh, Katie. Sillyhead. You know how you always freak out over tests and you think you've bombed the hell out of 'em, only to get your tests back with not only a passing grade but the highest grade in the class? Yeah, it's like that. You'll be fine. Better than fine. Fanferkintastic! And they'll wonder how they ever made it without you and and they'll all love you and hold banquets in your honor because you're KATIE. And we can't help but to love you!
...even when you're jamming needles into our arms. Well, their arms. Because I think I'd have a serious problem with that.
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