Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Late Bloomers

All the crepe myrtles in my neighborhood are in full bloom, soaking up our Oklahoma sun. According to my mom and grandma, my main gardening advisers, crepe myrtles love the heat and don't need much water. This makes them the perfect plant for my backyard, because I still tend to forget that I actually have a backyard, and let's just say, nothing back there is in danger of over-watering.

I have two crepe myrtles and apparently, they are late bloomers. The little buds have been there for weeks, waiting for what, I don't know. The poor things are probably pretty self-conscious about it as it is, so it's a good thing they aren't in the front yard, checking out all the glory of the girls down the street. My little plants aren't even in training bras yet.

(But that's okay. They are still pretty, especially when you take their pictures with a NEW CAMERA! Woohoo! Katie's learning to crop photos like a big girl!)

I miss my camera. A lot.
But this isn't about me and my camera! This is about you and your pretty pretty crepe myrtles! And you absolutely captured the girls' good side. Preeeetty!
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