Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Famous knitters should come to Oklahoma more often.

The Yarn Harlot rawked the Village Library last night, y'all! She RAWKED it!

If you ever have a chance to see Stephanie on her book tour, you should go. It was really great to sit in a room full of knitters, meet some fellow bloggers (Hi
Sue and Emma!), see what everybody is working on, and listen to Stephanie talk shop for a couple hours. And also, she's just hilarious.
The Scarf That Must Not Be Named made a rare public appearance to see the Harlot, and actually received lots of compliments, which made him feel much less self-conscious about his wonky stitches and issues with gauge. One young girl even requested his picture! He also enjoyed mingling with Rosemary's Gryffindor scarf at the book signing. (And if
Rosemary finishes her scarf before me while simultaneously knitting a sweater, a shawl, socks, and God knows what else....I, um, won't be surprised).
I had a great evening. Thank you, Stephanie, and thank you to
Gourmet Yarn and the OKC Knitter's Guild. And lookee here! The Yarn Harlot is not nearly as intimidating as Ethan Hawke, famous knitter though she may be. I have the autograph to prove it. :)

Wow, You're quick! We had a fun time last night too, and it was great to meet you and stand in line with you!
Shiva looks miffy. Like she's thinking, You went to see the YARN Harlot. Without me? The nerve. I'm sooo getting into your stash today.

Glad you had such a good time. And an autograph? From the Harlot? Score!
Woot! Yarn Harlot is coming to my town ... soon. I hope I get to meet her, but I procrastinate and may not get a spot.
Oooh can you email me the big version of the Gryffindor picture? Thanks!
It was so fun to meet you yesterday!! and see all those bloggers!

Your pictures are wonderful!!! Mine suck out loud...!

I'm thinking of starting Icarus too.... but I'm working up to it...slowly.
Waves to Katie! Hi again! Should I add that Rosemary is also serving as costuming advisor to me while working on my Molly sweater as well as answering zillions of questions about knitting that I usually interrupt her with. See you at Harry and the Potters soon:)
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