Saturday, July 01, 2006


As if anyone needs further proof that knitting is a good thing.

Last night, a patient of mine showed me a wallet photo of his newest great-granddaughter. She was six months old at the time of the portrait and was wearing an adorable knitted lace dress. When I asked if the outfit was homemade, he explained that in fact, it was. The dress had been made by his mother and had passed from his sister to all the infant girls in the family for the last eighty years. Eighty years!

What an accomplishment, keeping such a tradition alive for that long. Nowadays, it's so easy to buy items cheap rather than make them ourselves, and isn't this especially true for baby clothes? Why bother when they will grow out of them so quickly? But how wonderful that this family has bothered, that they appreciate the work of their ancestor's hands.

My patient was obviously proud, of both his great-granddaughter and this family heirloom. What memories the picture must conjure for him. And what a wonderful legacy his mother left with that one hand-knit dress.

(P. S. Did I actually just use the word "nowadays"? Guess I'm getting old and sentimental.) :)

That's a nice story to hear. Thanks, Katie.
That is so cool :)
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