Tuesday, July 25, 2006


All I really need is a large margarita.

As you can probably intuit from my last post, I've been a bit tense lately. Starting a new career should be an exciting time, yet I've immediately transformed into one big ball of stress. If I go ten minutes without worrying, my brain clicks into auto-pilot and finds a new source of anxiety for me, sometimes job-related and sometimes not. Unfortunately for my friends and family, I have not been able to find the auto-pilot button to turn my brain off.

Except that one night last week at Cheddar's when I requested the large margarita. That turned it off nicely, I must say.

Anyway, last night Rick and I were discussing my current uptight/stressed-out/weight of the world on my shoulders/fear of the future issues AGAIN (sorry, Rickus, but thank you for being there). Suddenly Rick said, "Look, you've got to look at these new changes in contrast. You once quit you're job, packed your stuff, and moved sixteen hundred miles away to a town you'd never seen, where you didn't have any job prospects or know anyone there. So why are you so afraid now?"

It made me laugh at my own ridiculousness, and this morning, I finally feel better. Things are going to be all right. Now I'm off for a Big Love marathon at my mom's house and tonight, it's The Yarn Harlot. In person! Yeehaw!

I can definitely identify! Isn't it funny how we get settled into something and forget what it took us to get there?

You'll be great!! You just have to convince your brain of that.

The margarita is a wonderful tonic that cures a multitude of ills. Just don't cut your own hair after three of them...one of my rules of life.
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