Sunday, June 18, 2006


Self-Portrait Sunday! Now with more pink!

The other day, as I was dressing in my new hot pink scrubs, Rick expressed his amazement at how differently I dress now than when we first met. Obviously, one major difference is that I never used to wear scrubs, and honestly, I wouldn't now if it weren't a requirement. To me, scrubs look like pajamas. Sometimes I hear nurses trashing other nurses' uniforms, stating that they don't look professional. But really, how "professional" do any of us look walking around in brightly colored pajamas?

Um. Anyway. The point that Rick was trying to make (before I so rudely interrupted him) was not about scrubs. It was about color. When Rick and I met, I was still a moody, self-absorbed, depressed teenager. I dressed primarily in grays and black. And most importantly, I would not have been caught dead in pink.

Flash forward ten years. Here's a sampling of my wardrobe. Notice it's sheer...pinkness.

I don't know what happened, but suddenly I love pink. Baby pink, salmony pink, violet pink--it doesn't matter. I love it all. I even have a pink wallet and pink fingernail polish. At age twenty-eight, I've become...a little girl!

Another difference in my wardrobe is that I now wear skirts. I only had one skirt when Rick and I met. I wore it on our first date, possibly misleading him into thinking I was actually a girly girl. After that he only saw me in baggy jeans and Adidas for oh, about, six years. But now, I suddenly have enough skirts for every day of the week. Wearing skirts is one of the things I love about the summer. They are so comfortable.

So for Self Portrait Sunday, here I am today, continuing to surprise Rick with my unpredictable (or maybe lack of) fashion sense, indulging myself by wearing both a pink shirt and a skirt.

As of yet, I don't have any pink skirts. But it's probably just a matter of time.

You're positively adorable. Your outfit today --a skirt with a cool t-shirt-- Perfect, as far as I'm concerned. I hope I look more like you when I've done weight watchers for a few more months.
You looked lovely in your pink today. I went thru a pink phase many years ago. When I got rid of all the pink, I couldn't hold all the clothing items in my arms. lol It was very nice to finally meet you today. I hope you join us OFTEN!!
Aw, you girly girl. You're a fibber. Your camera gives you all kinds of self-portrait love! I really like this one! Not that I disliked the other self-portraits, but, you know, a hand can only do so much for you. (wait.. did I just say that out loud?)
Skirts are the best! Just wait, I have some peachy poppy fabric to make a skirt already cut out and ready to go. Can't get more girly.

My closet is full of hot pink this summer. Not on purpose, it just ended up that way.
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