Monday, June 19, 2006


Now if I would only start working on those New Year's Resolutions...

My goals for the weekend (relaxing and knitting) have been fully realized. I spent Friday and Saturday on a new knitting project for Nanda, and I finished it Saturday night. Nanda has given me permission to post pictures of it here before she actually receives it, which is terribly kind of her. I think I would cry if I had to post any more pictures of vest knitting!

It's Kate from Knitty! I knit it in leftovers from this project...

...which is a sweater for Nanda's daughter, Maya. So it's only fitting that this goes to her mother, right? Yeah, I know it's a little backward. A sweater for the kid and a toy for the mom. But hey, I'm a little backwards sometimes.

Like backwards in how I thought it would be cute to make the kitty pink, because, well, y'all now know about me and pink. Except that now that I'm finished and the ears are attached, I think my pink kitty looks a little like a pink pig. Rick and a couple people from the Guild meeting yesterday confirmed this suspicion, but I'm not too worried about it. This is an existential stuffed toy, to spark long and meaningful conversations that last deep into the night. Is it a pig? Is it a cat? What is a pig, and what is a cat? What does it mean to be a pig or a cat?

Here, Kate. This book might help you out. And if you understand it, you explaining it to Katie.

Whatever this toy is, it had a good time watching Rick bowl with the church league last night. It also had fun exploring the front flower bed. And also maybe playing at the jungle gym by my house.

Yes, I know. I'm a dork. And now, all my neighbors know too! I wish I could capture the colors better, but I'm still working with my cheap old camera, so just imagine that Kate's head, hands, and feet are a cute baby pink.

Nanda, meet Kate. We hope to see you soon!

I think it's adorable, cat or pig? What does it matter!
your kate is so cute!! love it.
i wish you could come to stitch n bitch thursday nights.. dang schedule!
Pat or Cig... she's cute!
YEA!! I LOVE my knitty kitty! Kate is adorable! And an active, well-read smartee who's not too high brow to go bowling. By the way, what's her handicap? Oh, and she likes Indian food, right?

Thank you, Knitta! You so rawk those DPNs.
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