Friday, June 16, 2006


It's good to have goals.

The good thing about working nights is that since you've already been awake for fourteen hours or so, it's okay to start drinking at 7 in the morning. I used to work the night shift in Boise, Idaho, at a semiconductor plant that employed about 15% of the city's population. There were so many night shifters in that town that there was a bar that opened at 7 am for us. Aah, that was nice. It was also interesting to talk to customers that weren't Micron employees. "Wow! You get started early, huh?"

Oklahoma City is way too bible-belt for a bar to be swingin' at 7 a.m., so I'll be drinking it up at home alone this morning. I just finished day seven of a seventy hour work week, so I'm ready to kick off the weekend right. Woohoo!

(Y'all should know that by "drinking it up" and "kicking off the weekend right", what I really mean is "falling asleep after two drinks because I totally can't handle my liquor").

My main goal this weekend ('cause y'all know, I have to have goals/plans/LISTS in order to do anything) is to relax and spend some time on "me" stuff (translate: let the anger go and stop cleaning already). Also translate that as: get some freaking knitting done. And while knitting: try not to think about what it means to have RELAXATION as an item on a to-do list.

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