Thursday, June 22, 2006


I don't know about you, but my digital camera will be fully charged on July 25.

A couple days ago, I mentioned the OKC Knitter's Guild in passing. The Guild has been around for about nine months, but I attended my first meeting last Sunday. I have wanted to check them out for a long time, but my crazy work schedule, which involves way too many weekends, hasn't allowed for it.

It was a lot of fun, and I hope I can attend again soon. Knitting is a pretty solitary experience for me, so it was really neat to see so many folks who love knitting (and to see their projects! Yay!). And when I say "so many folks", I mean it. President Susan estimated that there were about thirty ladies present. And to me, thirty is a lot. A couple years ago, I joined a Harry Potter Meet-up Group, because, believe it or's kinda hard to just happen upon adults who are obsessed about children's books. Only three of the members were obsessed enough to actually go to meetings. And I probably don't even need to mention the Kids for Saving Earth club I started when I was eleven years old, the club where not one invited person showed up to the first (and consequently only) meeting?

Ahem! Thirty knitters in my hometown is AWESOME!

But thirty knitters is NOTHING compared to the gathering that will amass on July 25 at the Village Public Library, when THE YARN HARLOT HERSELF will grace us with a talk followed by book signings at Gourmet Yarn. Word travels fast and I'm sure y'all probably know about this by now, but can I just say: OMG! OMG! A real life knitting celebrity here in my hometown! I think I might faint. If I stop doing the cabbage patch long enough, that is.

When I was eighteen, the actor Ethan Hawke (as opposed to some other Ethan Hawke, I guess?) was in OKC for a book signing to promote his first novel. I went to the signing, even though I was dirt poor and had choices to make like: Hmm. I have two dollars. I could buy some donuts and ramen noodles which could last me a few days or an entire pack of cigarettes which could last me a few days. Those donuts look mighty tasty...but cigarettes are an appetite suppressant. Tough call.

I couldn't afford to buy any books, let alone one I wasn't all that interested in anyway. So I went to the signing with a friend who bought the book. And my entire experience, my one experience EVER with a real life celebrity, consisted of me following my friend up to the signing table, sweating profusely, blushing the color of one of Rick's red wines, and saying "Hi" to Ethan Hawke before quickly walking away.

What a charmer, huh? Well, this book signing is going to different! For starters, I'm actually going to buy Stephanie's book (there's a discount at Gourmet Yarn for those of us that order it before hand!). And then, when I hand my book to the Harlot, I will work up the courage to say, "Um. Could you please sign it To the Prairie Knitter...please?"

Before quickly walking away.

I'm excited to be in the presence of the Yarn Harlot, of course. But it's also exciting to think of how many midwestern knitters will come out to share in the experience. In-towners, out of towners, bloggers...oh my!

Thank you in advance for coming to Oklahoma City, Stephanie!

I'll see you there... with a fully charged camera!
You know I'll be there ;)
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