Friday, June 09, 2006


Flowers. Not as cute as cats, but still they make me happy.

No knitting news from the prairie, I'm afraid. It's been a dreadful week. And maybe I'm not so excited about working on the vest. See? I even refer to it as working. Anyhow, a little something happened to cheer me up today.

My grandmother gave me this rose bush about a month ago, and the first bud has finally opened, revealing such a pretty and fragrant flower. I've actually had to work a bit at keeping this rose bush alive, unlike the other gardening victories I claim as my own but really occur through natural selection (those plants fit enough to survive my care return the next year!). I've been watering and picking off the yellow and black spotted leaves...and did I mention watering? Apparently, that watering bit works. There are six more buds about to open!

(And yes, this week has been bad enough that the words, "There are six more buds about to open" deserve an exclamation point.)

Happy weekend, folks. Remember: There are six more buds about to open!

sorry to hear you're having one of those 'fancy terrible' times...

love the rose, I also have what I refer to as 'darwin's garden' ... it'survival of the fittest around here, my plants have to be tough!

hope it gets better:)
What with my knack for killing even cacti, it's always impressive when other people have gardens and their plants ACTUALLY flourish. Your rose is gorgeous. I just wanna eat it.

Hope next week is much much better. And, hey! SIX MORE BUDS are about to open!
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