Sunday, May 28, 2006


Self-Portrait Sunday with garden clogs.

My plan for today was to finish a buttload of gardening and general yardwork-type chores. But after fifteen minutes of weed-pulling, I decided that it was too damn hot for yardwork and really, what the hell had I been smoking last year when I thought putting in a flower garden would be A GOOD IDEA?

At least I managed to snap a picture of my gardening shoes and the daylillies (which grow without any assistance from me whatsoever) before retiring to my air-conditioned paradise.

I'll do some gardening in the fall...yeah, that's it. Fall.

I absolutely second that motion!!! It's too darned hot to be digging in the yard. Pretty Tiger Lily!!
Bleack! Yard work!
(purty flower though, and shoes!)
Yeah, yard work is for suckers. And people without dogs, for sure. Love the clogs!
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