Sunday, May 21, 2006


self-portrait sunday with cat and earplugs

Since I first started working night shifts way back in '99, I've grown accustomed to wearing ear plugs when I sleep. Otherwise, there is just too much noise (think telephones and lawn mowers) to get a good day's sleep. And every day when I wake up, I set my ear plugs on my nightstand.

Since I got Shiva, her favorite game has become "earplug". As in, "She's playing earplug again." Shiva scouts out the earplugs I leave on the nightstand and chases them all over the house, so that I now go through about a million earplugs a month.

This afternoon when I woke up, there were seven earplugs in the hall and several more scattered throughout the house. As I grabbed my camera to document the sheer magnitude of the earplug population...

Shiva attacked, wanting a good head rub and cuddles in the lap.

So instead of the hard-core photo-journalism I was going to provide, I just sat my ass down and cuddled with the Destroyer. You'll just have to take my word that there are currently nineteen Day-Glo orange earplugs running rampant on my floors.

Bless her little kitty heart. And you just can't get mad at her cause she is so cute and sweet. lol
It doesn't matter how many cat toys you buy, they always make their own fun.

Fannie loves the little ring from around the top of the milk container. Scoutie love s hair ties.

They're so good at entertaining themselves (and us)!
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