Thursday, May 11, 2006


I heart Mugglecast

School is officially OUT and thank God for that! I just finished up my last class. Back to the internet!

Actually, I have a confession. I wasn't able to leave the internet alone. I did good about not visiting my blogs, but I managed to find a new obsession to replace them. I'm like someone who decides to give up smoking and starts drinking more instead. Oh wait. I am someone who gave up smoking and started drinking more much for analogies. Anyway, the internet sensation that is sweeping the nation (or just my house, more likely) is Mugglecast!

Let me just admit it openly right now: I am a technophobe. I am always the last person to get a new piece of technology, and because I am also a person who likes lists (listophile?), I will give you two reasons for this: The first is that I'm just a nostalgic person/neurotic who doesn't like change--I didn't buy my first CD until 1996 because I didn't want to give up cassette tapes--and the second is that I'm so inept with new technology I just prefer to pretend like the new technology never came out in the first place. Cameras on cell phones, you say? Preposterous!

Which is why I am JUST NOW getting into podcasts. Embarassing confession ahead here, but oh well, at least my husband gets a laugh out of my misunderstandings of all things Internet: I thought you had to have an Ipod to listen to podcasts. Doh! Little did I know you could just click "Download Now" on the Mugglecast page and the episode of your choosing will load onto your puny little Windows Media player and you can listen to the Muggle boys (and girl) wax nostalgic about the Boy Wizard to your heart's content! Who knew?

Don't answer that.

Anyway, that's my long-winded way of telling you that I did not get lots and lots of studying done the last two weeks, nor did I do any knitting of any kind, nor did I get my house clean or my cat washed or my Mother's Day gifts purchased. Instead, I chose to spend my time listening to teenage mega-fans hash it out over every Harry Potter theory you could imagine. I've listened to about twenty of these episodes now, and then I have to tell Rick all about them, so he's pretty much sick of me by now. "And then Andrew said...and then Jamie, he's the funny British one, he was like...and then Laura said..."

So, Rick, here's my present to you! I'm back to the blogs!

Welcome back! While I love technology, I'm a 'low-tech-Nellie' at heart, I love technology, but am not always good with it, and it still seems like real live science fiction to me. I 'discovered' knitting podcasts fairly recently and seriously.. could I be a bigger dork? A knitting librarian with cats who listens to KNITTING podcasts!

The mugglecast thing sounds like fun!
Again welcome back online... to your people.....
Me loves the MuggleCast.
Thank GOD! Katie's back!

I checked your site every day (multiple times throughout the day, even), on the off chance that you may have left a line or two... eventhough you specifically TOLD ME and everyone else that you wouldn't be back until sometime in May. The one morning I didn't make it over to your site before work (I slept in a bit too long this morning) you update! Sneaky Katie. Anyway..
I'm so glad that that sometime in May has arrived and that you're back and school is over! and it's summer (almost) and you can get your blog on. Again. Wooohoo!

Now, um, I need to close out internet explorer before they figure out that I'm online at work...

Welcome back, Knitta! (((hug)))
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