Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Actual Knitting Content

My favorite bloggers have put me to shame. In the short couple weeks since I've checked in on everyone, Nanda has been taking fabulous pictures with her new camera (a Nikon something or other that has my husband drooling at the mouth), Fannie Pie has made lots of progress on Rogue, and Emma has made about a gazillion socks. Rosemary, that crafty wench, has put out two new podcasts (yay podcasts!), tweaked her website, and is knitting a beautiful laceweight shawl! I've seen lots more progress and finished objects out there, without even mentioning the heavyweight knit bloggers like the Yarn Harlot and Grumperina, who seem to finish an object with each breath.

Meanwhile, the Prairie Knitter has just picked up her needles for the first time IN THE MONTH OF MAY! I'm surprised Blogger hasn't demanded that I change my blog name due to false advertising.

The bad news is... it maybe isn't such a good idea to not write down the modifications you have made to a pattern (because you're sure you'll remember them all) and then not actually knit on that pattern for several weeks. This can cause you to waste precious knitting time (like two hours) looking for all your K2 togethers and SSKs--and then double-checking and double-checking--so you can duplicate them at the same spots on both sides of your pattern.

The good news is...my pile of leftover Cascade 220 is finally decreasing, and the back of my Preppy Eighties vest is DONE.
Now, if I can only keep Shiva away from the yarn...

Hee hee. At least you finished the vest. Now we need a photo with you wearing it!
Oh, how I wish it was finished. I'm ready for a new project. Only the BACK is finished at this point. *sigh*
It is still so pretty! I can't wait to see it done :D
Precious Shiva....she needs play yarn.
Ha, ha! Shiva has play yarn, but like the rest of us, she always wants MORE play yarn!
Shiva can start her own stash! lol
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