Monday, April 10, 2006


Warning: Pity Party Ahead. If you don't want to lose five minutes of your life never to get them back, turn back now.

I just visited blogland for the first time in a few days. I also took a look at some of my old posts and discovered more comments on them. Yay! So exciting, comments! Upon further examination, however, they are mostly from an anonymous someone who wants me to be a mystery shopper and/or visit San Diego. Hence the new and not so exciting word verification feature. Is it just me, or are some of those not really words? I won't tell if you won't.

It's been a hectic week or so. Compounded with stress and lack of sleep, this equals Not. So. Fun. Sometimes it's just really difficult working the night shift. Particularly when you decide to cut down three huge trees in the back yard that are so stratregically placed that they threaten the existence of four different garages and several power lines. Wouldn't you know it, the folks that cut down trees for a living work during the day, all day in fact, which meant that for four days last week, I became The World's Biggest Bitch. A patient wants a sleeping pill at 2 in the morning and I want to say, "You think you want a sleeping pill? I've had twelve hours of sleep this whole WEEK!!!!"

The stress comes from multiple school issues. I have lots of deadlines piling up and am pretty overwhelmed. And now I have lots of extra research to do because I received some bad news two weeks ago. I'm not going to get into the RN program this fall. I'm missing one prerequisite, though my counselor expressly stated that I had them all done. There's no way that I can get out of it or take the class concurrently, which means I can't possibly get into a nursing program at OCCC until Fall 2007. Bad news. The one thought sustaining me this semester has been, "One more year. One more year." And now that's gone and a mantra of "Two more years" is more depressing than encouraging. The tons of extra research comes to play because now I'm trying to figure out if there is anywhere else I can go, where I have all the prerequisites and haven't already missed the deadline. Blah.

The stress, lack of sleep, and complete disregard for nutrition came to a head last night at work. I developed some serious pains in my stomach, radiating to my back, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The pain came at me in waves for five hours, leaving me crying and pretty much useless at work. My coworkers finally convinced me that I wasn't able to work and I went to the ER, where the doctor basically confirmed what I'd already figured that it was: the ol' gallbladder. At twenty-seven years of age, I am way too young to be having gallbladder problems. Sometimes I think that this lifestyle that goes along with working nights is just hell on the body, and it's aging me prematurely. The problem is that I feel so stuck with it; it's what I have to do to be able to go to school. And now I won't be done with school for two years instead of one.

Waa waa waa. Okay. That's the end of the pity party. Here's a picture of my dianthus (dianthuses? dianthi?), which I am happy to report came back to life a couple weeks ago.

For a new gardener with a black thumb, having perennials return is reason to celebrate. Hmm. Now what foods can I celebrate with that won't piss off my gallbladder? :^p

Oh, Katie, I'm so so so sorry :( My previous offer of.. well, anything to cheer you up, still stands.
This calls for... superheroes on the toilet.
I'm sorry to hear about the prerequisite mess. That sucks big time. Have you considered getting a second opinion from a different counselor? It sure wouldn't hurt. And I don't mean to sound blase but this too shall pass. That has kept me going many a time. Good luck!
Some people never have the opportunity to go to school and become an overworked, under-appreciated, hospital wage slave. You my love, get an extra year! Yeay! Not only that, but you also get sexual advances made toward toward you by your patients. Do you think Amanda can say that about her clients? I serially doubt it! As for that pesky gallbladder, we'll get through that together, one laparoscopic surgery at a time!

PS: You blog sure gets quite a few comments. I'm going to read thru your posts and see why you are generating so much interest. Bye. Ms. San Diego attractions
soo sorry to hear about everything! take care of yourself!
The school thing is a big giant pain, (I've been out less than a year) but worth it (if only to teach us to appreciate non school life!) hang in there, it will end!
I CAN say that about my clients, but it wouldn't, you know, be true...

Gah. Some Katies have ALL the luck. :^) You know what might make you feel better? A pig on your head. Or a song in your tummy. Or stomping around in your b-o-o-t-s. Boots. Of course, there's always knitting...
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