Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Yay! We had a grand ol' evening of storm tracking last night--from the living room, of course. I may love the thunderstorms and tornadoes, but I don't go chasing them. While Rick and I were eating at Zorba's last night (hella good hummus and falafel, people. Hella good), we noticed that everyone kept looking at the TV. What the hell is so great that everyone is watching? Rick took a look and saw the big Doppler map of Canadian County taking up the whole screen. A quick look out the windows and we understood. "Well, what do you know? That's a big freakin' wall cloud out there."

When we returned home, we quickly tuned in to KOMA for our weather updates. Tornado season is one of the few times I regret not having a TV. I love to watch the storm chasers' play by plays. So instead of watching the coverage on TV, we listened to the radio and went outside for a better look. All the neighborhood gathers on these occasions.

"I guess the tornado hit the El Reno airport pretty bad. Lots of damage."
"Looks like the hail is coming our way."
"That tornado is coming straight down I-40."
"I heard it's supposed to hit the fairgrounds."
"What do you guys do for information since you don't have a TV?"

Throw some weatherman talk into this friendly neighborhood banter, and you've got an exciting Oklahoma evening: Rope twisters, circulations, and tightening wind shears, oh my!

Here are some pictures:

Oooooh! Big rain clouds!

Rick started to clear out the hall closet...just in case.

The big rain clouds get scary!
And just as I started to grab things to take with me into the hall closet, Mike Morgan announced that the radio and TV networks would be resuming normal programming. The tornado watch was over. I had only had time to gather my keys, the checkbook, a flashlight, my knitting, and my Pharmacology project that is worth a quarter of the entire grade and is due this Thursday.
Oh, and the digital camera with which I was documenting the whole affair. Rick laughed at me the rest of the night. But I know he's just jealous of my photo-journalism skills.

Hey, it's not just those kickin Photo "J" skills you got goin on; I'm freekin green as Kermit Da' Frog with envy, over your awesome ability to wright so well!

Keep up the great posts!
You're a silly Kermit.
My DH was similarly out in the yard documenting the coming storm... you photos look great... our cards were all full! Hard to make decisions on deleting old stuff in the middle of the storm with sirens etc. going off!
Beautiful photos. Isn't it funny--when I lived in Kentucky and we would have tornado warnings, I'd be so terrified. Now that I've lived in Oklahoma for 9 years, when the sirens go off, I go out on the front porch, just like everyone else. I guess you truly CAN get used to anything.
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