Monday, April 03, 2006


The Tex-Mex-Middle-East-and-German Fusion Sandwich

My new favorite sandwich is cucumber and romaine with pepper jack cheese and hummus on pumpernickel bread. Here's a picture!

I can't get enough of it. I've gone through half a loaf of pumpernickel in four days. And seeing that I'm too lazy to peel an orange, you know it must be good if I'll take the time to wash lettuce and slice...stuff.

And before you ask: No. I am not pregnant.

That does sound yummy!
How did you stumble across such a fantastic taste sensation?
Rosemary--it IS yummy!

Nanda--The inspiration is all due to Rick, who never lets a thing like not having coordinating groceries stop him from finding something good to eat.
You are way too kind! In fact I have concocted some really nasty dishes that even I wouldn't eat. Thanks for always being there to try my experiments!
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