Sunday, April 16, 2006


Self-Portrait Sunday scrubs.

Okay, so it's not really Sunday, but I'm posting my self-portrait anyway. Because:

1. You can change the post date/time in this blog program thingie and it's kinda fun to lie about when you actually posted something,


2. I've been awake since 3 pm on Sunday (it is now 8 am Monday), so it still feels like Sunday to me. In fact, this is my Sunday night!

So...anyway. Woohoo! Blogging when tired is fun!

Since I currently look like something the Easter Bunny barfed up, I just took a picture of me lounging around in my scrub top after a long night's work. I really don't like wearing scrubs (it just feels wrong to go to work in drawstring pants--like you're wearing pajamas), but this is my favorite top. It's funny what patterns I will tolerate in a scrub top, because in real life, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a pastel butterfly and flower shirt.

It's also funny that I don't consider work to be real life.

Going to bed now! Night night.

I love the scrubs!
You know, this picture would soooo turn me on, if I were a vampire!
LOL I know what you mean about the drawstring pants. And... you should have seen me in my paw print scrubs back in my dog grooming days. Pity I don't have pictures...

Get some sleep!
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