Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I do knit. Really. I do.

Just verrrrrrry slowwwwwwly.

But there is progress! I'm at the armholes and have finished the decrease rows for the back. A few more weeks and I'll have a vest that I won't be able to wear for six months! Yeehaw!

I really, really, really like the brightness of the orange and green in this vest. It reminds me of some kind of preppy boy's vest from the 80's, although I have no idea why. My step-dad, however, does not find it very appealing. When I showed it to him recently, his reply was, "That' It's really...bright." Good thing I'm making this vest for me!

Ooooo! I LOVE those colors!
I think its fantastic! Green and Orange - one of my favorite combos!
I think the colors are great! I see what you mean about a preppy boy from the 80's.
Thanks for the compliment. yes, that is a red Kitchen-Aid mixer peeking out there. Good eye!
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