Friday, April 21, 2006


five places I have knit

There's a little contest that kat knits put up. Whoever has knit in the most original place wins a prize. I'm not entering the contest (which ends today, by the way), but I still had fun thinking about five places I have knit.

1. By a stream in the mountains of Carson National Forest in New Mexico, while Rick collected firewood.
2. At my grandma's house. Before I started taking night classes, I went to Grandma's to knit with her every Thursday night for several months. Not to be left out, my mom started coming and I taught her how to knit.
3. On my sister-in-law's boat dock.
4. In my nurses' station, whenever I have a slow night.
5. In the back of my pharmacology class, frantically trying to finish my Knitting Olympics project!

Good times, good times. And more good times tonight at our monthly Tulsa outing. This time we're eating at Santa Fe's. And I'm taking all my yarn with me for the ride!

Hey Look someone posted a comment!

Did you knit in Seattle? Or on the way? Or while thinking about it? Or.... Something. I remember visiting that little knitting shop on Bainbridge Island.
Ahh, sounds so relaxing. I love how you and your mom and grandma all knitted together. How great.
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