Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yes, I turn real life people into Harry Potter characters. And I'm Hermione, because I have her hat.

The big test is over, so now I can put off studying for another three weeks or so and then scare myself shitless all over again. Hooray!

I figured something out during class yesterday. Well, two things. Some nasty microbes grow on poop smears that have been sitting out all week. But oh yeah, I forgot. I'm not talking about that. Silly Katie!

The important thing I learned is that my Micro professor is the non-magical version of Severus Snape. Except that he's not so very darkly fascinating and he's not likely to murder the dean of the school any time soon.

You know how Snape teaches potions, right? At the beginning of class, he flicks his wand and suddenly there's a list of a gazillion instructions on the blackboard. The students have one hour to do every instruction correctly, without any actual teaching from the professor, and then, at the end of the hour, if their potion is not to his liking, he gives the student a zero.

It's never set well with me that Dumbledore approves of this method of "teaching", yet this is EXACTLY how my Micro prof teaches our lab right here in the real world. But without the wand flicking. We enter the class and he barks, "I'm only going to say this once so listen up!" He then rambles off a gazillion instructions that we furiously scribble down so we won't have to ask questions later. "If you have to ask me a question about this, I'll take five points off your next lab quiz!" And guess what? If you don't get the desired result on the first try? You guessed it! A zero!

I think I need to resign myself to getting a B in this class. All the studying in the world isn't going to keep me from getting zeros because I forgot to turn the light condenser up all the way. I'm just glad this guy doesn't have a wand.

P.S. Goblet of Fire came out on DVD today so I'm in full Harry mode now! Have you guys noticed all the knitting possibities from this one???

Yo so check thiz weird shit and a buddy are juz lookin online to see if we had anythin w our names in it and low and behold i stumble upon the post u left on one of ur buddies blogs....the heck woman whaz wrong with Dr. Panicker??? Yo u still have ur lil green dodge shadow or like Weezer...OMG...I cant even believe im having this convo w/ u......well if u wanna catch up w/ the one n only email me at katie......thiz iz wack...HOLLA AT ME!!!!
*shakes fist at crappy professors*
So if you name people from HP, do I get to be Prof McGonagall? :)

Hi Katie
No, you have her GREEN hat. I have her RED one, therefore I am Hermione. Hah, I win. :D
Mary, you are definitely a Minerva! And HappyFunBall/It's Not Me (I just realized I don't know your name!!), I was gonna fight you over Hermione, but I guess you're right. And since I do have a green hat, I think I'll be Hermione's evil Slytherin twin. Now I just have to think of a name for her!

And TONY! Holy crap! I guess I need to start throwing names of old friends around on the internet more often! I'm emailing you RIGHT NOW!!!
I know: Hermeanie. hahahhaaha! Oh, I slay myself. (And I don't know my name, either, so it's okay.)
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