Friday, March 10, 2006


Unlucky cookie

About twenty minutes ago, I ate some leftover chinese takeout for lunch. At the end of the meal, I realized that there was one fortune cookie left and decided to eat it too. Since I am pretty inept with my hands (hence the remedial knitting skills and unmastered laboratory techniques) and am also generally clumsy, I had a difficult time getting the plastic wrapper open. When I finally popped the plastic open, the fortune cookie sprang out and smashed into a million pieces on the kitchen floor. Even the largest surviving pieces were too small to enjoy, so I swept the whole bit up and threw it in the trash. Then I picked up the fortune from the cookie and read it.

It said, "Your luck will completely change today."

Hmmph. I hope so. I really wanted that fortune cookie.

Katie, I heard you are supposed to add "in bed" at the end of those Chinese fortunes. lol
And don't forget about meat tree, as in "Your meat tree will completely change today."
ps Isn't that one of the signs that spring is on its way? Changing meat trees?
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