Wednesday, March 29, 2006


stripey goodness

I moved up two needle sizes, and lo and behold: I've got gauge, baby! So here's my progress on the leftovers vest from the last few days:

The picture's kinda dark, but as you can see, the vest is modeling with two of my ivies, Sirrus and Achenar.

**Here I insert this Confession of Geekiness (as if the fact that I picked Sirrus and Achenar as plant names isn't confession enough): I name all my houseplants. And someday I plan to introduce all of them on this here blog. Exciting, no?**

Unfortunately, I just ran out of my dark brown Cascade...whoops! Guess that's the chance you take when you knit with leftovers. And since dark brown is the color I need for the next stripe, it looks like I'm on knitting hiatus tonight....

I suppose I could weave in some of these ends until I get to my LYS.

Its so pretty though!
Very nice! Lots of progress!
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