Sunday, March 26, 2006


Self-Portrait with Wedding Ring

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Six years! I can hardly believe it's been that long. In fact, sometimes I can hardly believe it happened at all.

Rick picked out the engagement ring for me in 1998, and I think he did a great job. It's a simple and classic design, and I still love it. He proposed during a two day trek on Wheeler Peak in New Mexico...a two day trek filled with snow and ice and five people stuffed into a four-person tent. (If that doesn't sound romantic to you...then it's probably a good thing you're not married to me or Rick!). We spent a year planning a May wedding. And then a month before the wedding...I got cold feet. Two months later, the two of us (still unwed) moved to Idaho. Then I got even colder feet and broke up with the guy.

He bought me another ring after we were no longer a couple. Engraved on the inside was the word, "Always", and I wore it on my right hand. Maybe Rick had a hunch that we wouldn't be apart for long, because four months later, I was visiting Oklahoma and Rick was living here. I called him and asked him to come to Arkansas with me. We got married in a dark living room of a Razorbacks-obsessed justice of the peace, and two days later, I was back in Idaho, and Rick was finishing the last preparations for a six-month trek on the Appalachian trail.

The six-month hike didn't work out, and I got to see the groom again after only a month. Some of my friends in Idaho didn't believe that I got married on my trip to Oklahoma...until my husband came to live with me at the end of April 2000. To this day, when people ask about our honeymoon, I tell them, "After we eloped in Arkansas, I celebrated in Idaho and my husband honeymooned in Georgia!" Often, they want to know why we chose Arkansas. "Well", I reply, "We had to go somewhere where it's legal to marry kin."

Happy Anniversary, Rickus. Thank you for saying yes to that road trip. Thanks for all the good years since then. And thank you for my rings, the one you proposed with and the one that became my wedding band.


Wow, Happy Anniversary!
Very cool story! :) Happy Anniversary! :) Pretty rings too :)
sung to the William Tell Overture (you'll just have to take my word for it):

Happy anniversareeee
Happy anniversareeee
Happy anniversareeee
HAAAAAPPY anniversary.

Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary
Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary
Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary
Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary

Happy anniversareeee
Happy anniversareeee
happy anniversareeee
HAAAAAAPPY anniversary!
Not to nit-pick, because you tell it so well, but there were 5 of us in a 3 person tent. We brought 2 tents; a 3 person and a 2 person. That was the inaugural trip for our trusty lil 2 person REI tent. But by the time we had cleared away enough snow and erected the first tent, the 3 person, none of us wanted to tackle the the task for the second one.

And for anyone who might see this, poor Katie had to sleep in a bone chilling pool of cold water that night. And the next morning she was still willing to attempt a hike to the summit of Wheeler Peak, even when the rest of our companions were calling it quits. She is quite the trooper! And I'm glad she's still willing to go camping with me after all I've put her through!

We've been sharing tents together since August of 1997. Hot and sunny Florida Beaches, high wind strewn mountain passes, cool desert lowlands, and the dense wild rain forests of Hawaii. Some trips have been miserably uncomfortable, and other have been downright blissful, packed with some of the best moments of my life. And all ways we would be there together. I'm glad of that. I hope we'll always be sharing a tent together!

I love you Katie!
Happy Anniversary! (better late than never!)
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