Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I should have gone into accounting.

Accounting students don't have to carry their poop to school. Thankfully, the poop ordeal is over. It was a bit too awful for me to relate here (I'm sure y'all are glad about that!). Normally I don't shy away from grossing people out, so...yeah. Let's just forget it ever happened.

Look! Distraction! Here's a kitty photo!

The kitty has dropped the name of Bluebell. She shed her sweet little princess personality earlier this week and now only wants to cuddle for about 10 minutes every couple days or so. The rest of the time, she wants to do the following things:

1. Sleep.
2. Play games with Rick, her two favorites being "Catch the knitting needle under the t-shirt" and "Catch the ball tied to the strand of Katie's yarn."
3. Try to eat my California Kitchen pizza. Or anything else I happen to be eating.
4. Watch the birdies from the window.
5. Walk on the laptop and try to catch the pointer on the screen. Which in turn...
6. Gives Katie a heart attack.

Because she is in hyper mode and her claws are destroying my couch, rugs, and Rick's legs while completely neglecting her scratching post, she has been renamed Shiva, after the third god of the Hindu trinity. I have a very limited understanding of Hindu mythology, but as far as I can tell, Shiva's dance destroys the universe so that Brahma can re-create a new one and Vishnu can sustain it, until such time that Shiva feels like dancing again. It's that whole cycle of life kind of thing.

My Shiva's dance does not destroy the universe, but is definitely causing the destruction of my couch. That said, she's awfully cute while she's doing it.

I mean...Bad Shiva! Go to your scratching post!

Katie, I read somewhere years ago that if you give a cat three scratching places, the cat will not destroy your furniture. Now what the article didn't tell you was this: the cat gets to pick his/her three scratching places....not you. lol I've had Lexi for 6 years and I refused to get her declawed (once I learned about the toepad amputation). I have an office/sewing chair that I wasn't using. It was covered in the standard dull tweedy gray fabric and she made that her scratching post. I need to recover the seat back as she's scratched to the foam, but it was worth it to keep her from scratching other furniture. She'll scratch her scratching post about once every 6 months. lol Good luck!!!!
Oh but that is just too adorable!
Thanks for the advice, Kay! Now I just need to figure out she might want to scratch on. She loves to sleep on our office chair, but doesn't scratch on it. She just loves the couch. I'm thinking of making our own scratching post covered with couch fabric to trick her into it!
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