Thursday, March 16, 2006


I love Target.

I guess all I needed to do to get a little knitting motivation was talk about my lack of it. I haven’t felt like knitting on any of the projects currently on my needles, and I haven’t felt like starting anything with yarn from the stash (yarn diets suck!). Pair those excuses with a cat that won’t get off my lap… ...and you have a prairie knitter who doesn’t knit.

I had toyed with the idea of a Leftovers vest to use up some stash yarn, but as I said before, none of the stash yarns were doing it for me. The closest I came was this combo of Cascade 220 leftovers:
It looked okay, but nothing special. Then, yesterday, I caught a glimpse of this bag at Target:
Which is when it hit me. “Orange! I need orange!” I bought the bag so I could take some pictures of it for reference (I’ll take it back to Target when I’m done and get my $16.99 back—that’s yarn money, yo!), and today I made an emergency trip to Gourmet Yarn Co. to pick up some orange Cascade. Kind of defeats the purpose of a vest made of leftovers, but still—at the end of this project, I will have a bright stripey vest for only $7!

Very cool! love the inspiration bag, maybe you'll have enought leftovers from your leftover vest to make a leftover bag like the target one! Cascade 220 feltsgreat too....
Gorgeous kitty in your lap. My kitty loves getting in her mama's lap also. She will sit beside me and meow until I put my feet up in a chair and let her lay the length of my legs. lol
Great colors. I love the bag too :)
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