Sunday, March 05, 2006


12 hour work days plus big test on Tuesday...

...equals no time for knitting or self-portraits. *throwing tantrum*

But here's a shot of my front flower bed that is making me happy today. My transplanted daffodils actually lived through the winter and I managed to plant at least a few of the bulbs right side up! Blooming daffodils and Bradford pear trees are my yearly signals that spring is coming. And though fall and winter are my favorite seasons, I'm always ready for spring.

Hey, not to add another thing you have to ignore till after you finish your test and work, but I've started a new blog:

It's even got a pseudo-knitalong going. (I say pseudo because I'm the only one participating so far.)
Oh, yeah, and the flowers are gorgeous! I have severe bulb-envy.
your daffodils are beautiful! I love daffodils and have many myself because they are the most forgiving and self sufficient flowers ever! Just stick them in the ground and forget them until they pop up and make you smile.

I feel like a bum compared to you, what with the working and school and all, however I do remember the days ( I took my comps 1 year ago) and I have to say I'm so glad it's all behind me! It will be over someday for you too , and it will all be worth it (well I don't know about the poop thing, we don't do poop in library school!) Hang in there!
Oooo! Flowers!

Yesterday I noticed that the tree in our front yard has blossomed. I would have continued to overlook it had it not been for your post. Thank you, Katie, for pointing out the early signs of spring!
Oh, and good luck on your BIG TEST this Tuesday!
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