Wednesday, February 15, 2006


yarn yarn yarn

While I was organizing the new yarn bins last weekend, Rick expressed some shock and awe regarding the amount of yarn that I have. I think his exact words were, "You have all this yarn you're not using and yet you want more!"

So it was quite a surprise when he gave me a gift certificate to Gourmet Yarn for Valentine's Day, among other gifties*. Though he may not understand my obsession, he continues to indulge it. Gotta love that!

Thanks for making me smile on Valentine's morning, Rickus. I love you!

Okay, gushy part over. Now for a Knitting Olympics update: I was able to knit 5 rows yesterday between lab and lecture, which brings my total to...

let's see, I might need my calculator here...

ah, yes! I'm up to seventeen rows! And it only took me six days!

*term lovingly lifted from Nanda, who did the same from Lucky Spinster

See the whole "You have all this yarn you're not using.." remark was REALLY just a ruse to throw you off so you wouldn't expect the gift certificate for Gourmet Yarn or some other much-loved store with yarn for the smooshing. I mean buying.
Eeeeeeeeeee!! Have you spent it yet?
You indulge my back, I'll continue to indulge yours.

Love you!
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