Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This is too much to ask for a damn associates degree.

I deserve a complimentary master's just for thinking about it.

Last week, my Microbiology professor informed the class that for today’s assignment, we each need to bring in a stool sample to do testing on. And it has to be our own. Well, technically, it just has to be an adult’s—I’m sure he wouldn’t know whether or not the sample was mine or Rick’s. Except that there was no way in hell that Rick would provide this sample for me. He loves me and all, but there are limits.

So…yeah. At 5:30 tonight, I’ll be sitting at my lab station with my clear plastic container of shit sitting in front of me, trying not to look anyone in the face because they just caught me furtively glancing at their poop. Which, let me reiterate, will be sitting in front of us. On a table.

Keep me in your thoughts while y’all are enjoying your dinner tonight!

I'm so glad that you were able to intuit what my reaction would have been without us actually having to have that discussion. Good luck with, "That."

I love you!

I thought of you earlier this afternoon.. when I had to go take a poo. Had I been anywhere near OKC, I would have totally donated my poo to the cause.

Sorry to associate you with, um, "THAT" like that.

I'm so sorry. :p
That seems to be "above and beyond". Good luck.
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