Thursday, February 23, 2006


Thanks, everybody!

I appreciate all the comments and advice given yesterday, especially since most everyone thinks we should keep the cat! Like I said, I've never had an experience like this and have been a little bit lost. But now that it's pretty much settled that we're keeping her, I can settle into being a pet owner and stop worrying so much about it. I'll still keep my eyes peeled for "Lost Cat" posters around the neighborhood, but I'm not going to advertise that she's here.

Rick and I did some mega shopping last night at PetsMart. The cat now has a bed, a carrier, a scratch post, some toys, a brush, and some food treats. And I received some allergy prevention goodies as well: a hand vac and some cat shampoo! So, Rosemary, I'll probably be taking you up on yesterday's offer to help this cat get a bath!

As far as names's still up in the air. The first day she came in the house, I made a joke because of the little blue bell that she has around her little blue collar. I said, "Oh, isn't it sweet? We can call her Bluebell!" It was said in the buh-duh-Bump variety of jokes. You know, like hee hee, Bluebell, hee hee. Yeah--I'm that funny in person.

Rick, however, said, "I like that name." So she has alternately been called Bluebell and Kitty and "Oh no, she's walking on the laptop keyboard again!" for the last few days. Rick also keeps calling her "Babies" and "Kitties" in a high-pitched voice normally reserved for baby...humans. I haven't figured out why he calls her by plural names. But somehow I think Bluebell is going to stick, and isn't it only fitting that a sugar addict like myself would name a cat after ice cream?

Bluebell is a precious name. Callie would agree that cats and ice cream go well together (but alas, she's not allowed. I always tell her I dont want her teeth to fall outta her head). Yes, I talk to my cat. A lot.

So uh, we should talk about pet food sometime, no?
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