Sunday, February 12, 2006


progress...of a sort

Passenger seat knitting RULZ! I cast on yesterday afternoon and then we drove out to Tulsa for a dinner with family and extended family. Rick was forewarned that he would have to drive because I HAVE TO START MY HAT! Can you feel the stress in that statement? Can you?

So for Self-Portrait Sunday, here I am in the car, two rows in.
I had planned to knit on the way home too, with the light turned on in the car. But I was a bit too tipsy to risk it. I had not planned on becoming tipsy--it's not really the Olympic spirit, you know--but at dinner I ordered a coffee with Bailey's, amaretto, and Tia Maria (whatever that is!) just to warm up a bit. Let's just say it warmed me up A LOT! And it wasn't the coffee that did it. In fact, after several of us tasted it and came to the consensus that there was about a teaspoon of coffee in it, I renamed the drink "Long Island Coffee."

So here's my progress from the hour and a half trip to Tulsa:
There will be more Olympic cleaning today, followed by some Olympic studying for a test on Tuesday, but I plan to finish up the day with some Olympic knitting and movie watching!

Oh, and I learned a very important lesson yesterday. Do not attempt to pick up the new yarn bins one-handed.

Yay for olympic moviewatching/knitting!
I couldn't take not knowing exactly what Tia Maria was anymore, so I googled it. Tia Maria is a rum-based coffee liqueur produced in Jamaica.

I LOVE Google.

And hooray for hats!
Did you make that quilt yourself? It's fabulous.
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