Saturday, February 11, 2006


Procrastination Olympics!

I would show you all the progress I made during Day One of the Knitting Olympics...if I had even started!

Instead of casting on yesterday, I decided that it was high time I start cleaning out the spare bedroom/office/area where all the crap went as I organized the rest of the house. Remember back in November when I talked about how cluttered my desk was? Well that clutter spread to underneath the desk, over to the spare bed, and finally in front of the spare bed on the floor. It's time, peeps. It has to be done.

And yes. Now that you ask. I am crazy.

Because now, I am not only juggling work and school, but the Cleaning Olympics as well! Today, I have managed to successfully transfer all the crap that was on the desk to the living room for further examination. That's right--now I have two dirty rooms instead of one! And even though I haven't put yarn to needles yet, I had a great time organizing my stash earlier today, which will now be stored under the spare bed in these handy dandy containers.
And now that I think of it, I did make a little progress on my Hatmione today.
I bought the needles!


Hey, needles are a good start! :D
Check out all that yarn... Is it the least little bit wrong or worrisome that I just wanna smoosh my face into it?

Good luck, knitta. I'm sure you'll take the gold (procrastination olympics and otherwise)! Now, get in there and knit!
It's always good to clear the decks so you're ready to start on a project! Great idea for stash management, lots of nice stuff in those totes! Good luck with hatmione (great name for a hat)!!
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