Saturday, February 18, 2006


Olympic hopes nearly dashed!

First, in response to Ivy: you can find this hat pattern, along with lots of others from the Harry Potter films, at atypically.knit. This is the hat that Hermione wears in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Second, can I tell you about the multicultural group of people that I work with at the hospital? I love working with them. Last night, I was the only native-born American among them. I worked with a guy from India, a guy from Ghana, and a girl from Korea. What is always fun about mixes like this is that we inevitably spend way too much time talking about food. Which is my favorite subject, you know! Last night's focus was on what I had had for dinner at Taj and on whether or not kimchi is good.

A co-worker from Bosnia who works in the ICU dropped by for a visit last night. This girl and I like to crack ourselves up cussing people out in Croatian while everyone else looks at us like we're idiots (I learned quite a few Croatian phrases when I lived in Idaho). Before long, we were calling my other co-workers "little shits", "big shits", "fat dirty pigs", and "puppy poo" and they couldn't understand what we were saying. Good times.

A patient called for me and I went to see what she needed. When I came back, the Bosnian nurse had found my knitting (yes, I took my hat to work to try to sneak in a few rows!). I thought she was just looking at it, but as I glanced again, I noticed that she was KNITTING ON IT! I couldn't believe my eyes. Before I could stifle myself, I had shouted out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Rather startled, she responded, "I was just seeing if I remembered how to knit."

Which, I must say, she did not. She was knitting in the funkiest way I'd ever seen and was leaving terribly disfigured stitches in her wake. Horrified, I snatched my hat out of her hands and explained that I was using a pattern for the hat and the Pattern. Must. Be. Followed.

Thankfully, she had just begun this, so I only had to tink back about ten stitches. Still, it made me wonder. What kind of person sees someone else's knitting and just picks it up and starts knitting on it? I mean, you wouldn't know if there was a pattern, what that pattern was, or if your tension was anywhere near the actual knitter's tension! I began to wonder if it was a cultural difference. My personal bias led me to think that a Southerner would never have done such a thing--it's just not courteous!

The truth is that I probably just over-reacted over my damn hat! But wouldn't you if your Olympic dreams had flashed before your very eyes? *hee, hee*

That is heart stopping!! Glad you could save it :)
oh the horror!
I would have yelled also. Some things (such as my knitting) are sacred.
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