Thursday, February 02, 2006


no time for love, Dr. Jones

A little over a week til the Knitting Olympics (who cares about the real ones, it's all about the knitting!), and I have not been training AT ALL. It's possible that I'm being punished for thinking badly of Catholics who try to "refute" the "heresies" in The Da Vinci Code, but I haven't had time to knit a single stitch in about a week!

Okay, that was a little bit exaggerated. I have knit a few rows on the sock. The good thing about sock knitting is that if you only have time to do 19 stitches, it's okay. You're not going to get confused about what's going on when you pick up your knitting later. But notice that it's still a singular sock. In fact, I don't think I can even call it a sock yet. As a one-inch long tube of knitting, it may be an arch warmer or an ankle band!
I have noticed out in blogland that other athletes have been swatching in preparation for the big day. I haven't even bought my needles yet. I did grab some yarn, though. Here's my Herm-own-ninny wool:
I wonder if it's against the rules to practice techniques that you are unfamiliar with before the start date. For instance, could I practice cabling and bobbling on my swatch? Oh, who am I kidding? I'm buying needles today, but we all know this Procrastiknitter will be starting her SWATCH during the Opening Ceremony.

Teehee, procrastiknitter.
Any time I see or hear the word SWATCH, I instantly think of that scene in Sleepless in Seattle:

"Hello, Diane. Take a look at these swatches."

Niiice arch warmer! :^)
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