Thursday, February 23, 2006


Nanda Bofanda!

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! The Nanda is twenty-eight years old today, which is also how old I will be in exactly three months. It's easy for us to remember each other's birthdays this way!

We have made an agreement that we will not refer to our ages in capital letters, because it only makes the age look older. I will do this one more time, just to demonstrate the effect. "Dang, Nanda. You're TWENTY-EIGHT years old now?"

See how that works. Yeah. We're not going to do that anymore.

I've known the Nanda for ten years now. We met while working at Blockbuster Video in Norman (the east side store!) while we were going to college (she graduated, I didn't). That year, she studied with me for Zoology exams, took me into her home when the dorm kicked me out for spring break, and introduced me to Rickus. She even convinced me that Rick had indeed become my boyfriend when I wanted to keep calling him "this guy I'm dating".

Nanda has been there for me many times in the last ten years. She is the supportive friend that everyone should have. She doesn't knit but she shows interest in my knitting (she wants to smoosh her face in my yarn, for crying out loud!). She can't stand needles or hospitals, but she is excited for me that I love my job (which involves both on a daily basis). She is one of my biggest cheerleaders when I bitch about the fact that I've been going to school for ten years and am still working towards my Associate's degree! Every time I'm happy about something, she's happy with me, and every time I'm sad about something, she tries (and usually succeeds) to boost me up. She's just really good at being a friend.

The Nanda has fantastic taste in movies and restaurants, likes to balance pillows on her head, created a beautiful little girl, and shares my inability to get drunk without whispering to everyone around us, "I'm drunk!", and then giggling. It is so nice to not be the only one doing that.

Thanks, Nanda! Hope I didn't get too gushy--I'm not even drunk this morning!

HAPPY twenty-eighth BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday To You!

Wow! I'm (nearly) speechless. That's the best birthday tribute a 28-year-old Nanda could ever hope for. I've made everyone read this because it's just so nice. And because it's my birthday, and, well, birthdays are all about you. Ya know? :^p

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