Monday, February 06, 2006


Good Books and Blankies or How I Learned to Stop Pouting and Love My Loveseat

I felt pretty lame-o yesterday. I had slept the day away on Saturday, worked 12 hours that night, and had to sleep most of the day before working Sunday night. While I studied about the Durham-Humphrey Drug Act and schedules for controlled substances and other nightmarishly boring topics, the rest of my family gathered at Mom’s for Super Bowl Sunday. Now, I couldn’t care less about football, but I do care for being around when the family is eating and drinking and having a good time.

I was feeling pretty darned lonesome as I contemplated the little space my world had consisted of for the previous few days; hence my post on the limited view from the loveseat! A more acurate self-portrait would have depicted a pouting Katie with a caption reading "Self-Pity".

Going to work made me feel a little better; I think it was the endorphins from running my ass off while working. At one point I thought of my post earlier in the day and remembered how much I actually LOVE small spaces. When I have a good book, my soft snowflake blankie, and a big mug of hot chocolate, for instance, the same loveseat is one of my most favorite places in the world.

In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve thought of several small spaces that I have loved, some that I miss to this day. And I think that I’ll write about some of them this week when I’m sitting on the LOVESEAT OF NEVER-ENDING HOMEWORK (as it is heretofore known) and just don’t feel like studying!

Because I don't procrastinate enough already, you know!

Snowflake blankies, a good book, and a big mug of hot chocolate would've been ideal this afternoon. Instead, I've got no blankie, case notes, and an empty bottle of water. *sigh*
ps I heard tell that some men folk think being all pouty is sexy.
Hey.. good luck with the studies, I just finished my graduate work and it's wonderful to have my life back and lots more time to knit, but it was worth it to trudge through the schoolwork

...I just came back to your site because I thought you or someone had created an team oklahoma button for the olympics. Did I imagine that? (certainly possible!) or do I have you confused with another Oklahoma knitter? (also possible) or have I lost it completely. (probable)

Anyway happy knitting!
Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I don't think Rick likes me pouty, but he certainly liked it when I was sick in December and had a deep, raspy voice. I think he wanted me to stay sick.

Fannie Pie, my husband did make a Team Oklahoma button. I haven't put it up yet, because...well, because I haven't had my husband put it up for me! Terribly co-dependent of me, but oh well--he's the computer geek, not me! I'll see if he can put it up tonight!

Just a few days to go!
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