Sunday, February 26, 2006


And it's a gold for...Oklahoma!

I finished Hatmione on Thursday! SO EXCITED! My first (finished) Harry Potter knit! For the gold! Must stop using the exclamation point now!!!

Pattern: Hermione’s cable-and-bobble hat from
Yarn: one skein Cascade 220 in a bright green color (oops! Should have kept that label!)
Needles: 16” size 6 circulars and size 6 DPN’s

I LOVE this pattern! The cables and bobbles are addictive. There are no errors in the pattern, at least that I can see. By no errors, I mean that I didn’t have to change anything to get the desired result. That said, I think I’ll do less ribbing the next time I knit this hat so the brim will be a little shorter. My brim is much longer than the hat in the pattern picture. It’s thicker and warmer this way, but the brim covers up about an inch of the pretty pattern—and I worked hard on those cables, dammit! I want everyone to see them! Also, the pattern calls for an extensive blocking to make the hat large enough for an adult head, but…um…it fit me just fine straight off the needles. Guess I have a small head. Hmm, this might also account for the two-inch too-long brim...

But I still love the hat. More pictures!

A big thank you to the Yarn Harlot for uniting some 4000+ crazy-ass knitters from around the world for the last sixteen days. I think I should start treating every knitting project like it's for the Olympics--apparently, I work a little better with a deadline. Um, on small projects, that is. And, oh yeah, I haven't done any homework in a week. But that's okay, Hermione will let me copy her scrolls, right?

Must go to bed now. Happy Sunday, everyone!

You are too incredibly cute. And your hat freakin' rocks!! I can't wait to make mine!
Beautiful job! I love it! Congratulations on your gold medal Olympic knitting! Have fun with your new kitty.

Thanks for the nice comments on my FO... we'll see if the truffles turn out edible;-)
I popped the last* bottle of champaign** we have in the house to celebrate,*** and am drinking it out of the bottle right now.

*It's not really the last. See "**" below.
**It's not really champaign, but one of about five nasty pear flavored alcoholic ciders someone left in our refrigerator after the Christmas Party back in December.
***Hurray!!! I am really celebrating! I get to have my wife back... For a while!!! Yay!!!

Good Job Sweetie! I love you!
Hatmione, you. look. marvelous! Great job, Katie Roo! Way to medal!
Rose was right.... I did recognize that hat after I'd seen it!
What an awesome hat!! *applause*
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