Thursday, February 16, 2006


Actual Progress!

I'm finally getting somewhere with this hat--thanks to
Rosemary, who suggested a little knitting in public last night. If I hadn't left the house, I probably would have found some chores to do instead of working on the Olympics--I am such a procrastinator, I even procrastinate when it comes to things I want to do. Instead, we hung out at Will's Coffee Shop on 43rd and N. May, which turned out to be a pretty cool little place with good cafe mochas. It used to be Will Rogers Theater, but has now been split into the stage area and a small coffee bar with a few booths and tables with cushy chairs. I saw Hum in concert there in 1996, but hadn't been back since it was turned into a coffee shop. It brought back some memories. Like the one of how my mom had forbidden me to go to that concert because only one friend and I were going. She thought it wouldn't be safe. So I lied and told her that another friend was going too. Unfortunately, before I could tell Sonia to cover for me, my mom saw her in Wal-Mart and asked her how she had enjoyed the concert. You can imagine how the shit hit the fan after that. It was a good concert, though, and was worth the subsequent grounding (though not how bad my mom felt about being lied to--sorry, Mom!).

While at Will's, I was able to finish up the ribbing on Hatmione and start the pattern/chart section. And I made a great discovery: cabling is fun! I am now addicted to this pattern and started knitting as soon as I woke up this morning. I started eating my Valentine's candy at the same time.

Mmm. Chocolate and cables. Good times.

I start bobbles on the next row. Wish me luck!

Bobbles, wheeeeeeeeeeee!
Bobble bobble toil and... Trobble?

What an awesome green. Hooray for knitty progress!
Good luck with the hat. Can you post a link to the pattern? It's fabulous!
Katie bobbles but she don't fall down. Unless she's 50/50 fall girl, but even then, it's only half the time.
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