Friday, January 13, 2006


the Urban Lazy Girl

Okay, it's been over two months since I posted a finished object. Can I really still call myself the Prairie Knitter. We've already established that I don't really live in the prairie. But now, I may have to admit that I'm hardly a knitter. "Urban Lazy Girl" seems much more appropriate.

Rosemary made ALL KINDS of knitty progress this week. Me, well...I did finish knitting the kinky scarf, though I haven't weaved in yarn ends. Me and those damn yarn ends. I don't even want to do it when there are only two and that's all that separates me from a finished object. That and the blocking, I mean. Still gotta block. And I haven't done that because (horror of horrors) I don't own any straight pins, which apparently you need to keep lace in the right shape. A crafty blogger who doesn't own straight pins? Who's ever heard of such a thing?

I think two things have got me in a knitting funk lately. All the Christmas knitting kind of did me in. And now that I'm trying to use up previously purchased yarn so that I don't spend all the aforementioned allowance money at SWAK, I'm not very excited about any of my stash. I seem to only want NEW yarn!

Big Goal for the Lazy Knitta: Buy some straight pins this weekend and get this dang thing blocked already!

I just used my quilting pins.. I've had them around for like 5 years or something.

I think a new yarn aquisition might not be a bad thing. Sorta sparks the fire a little ya know?
rose is right

nothing gets me out of a funk like spending money
You're always a knitter to meee. Now, get in there and block that knit!
Lazy? What ever! I know that if you aren't knitting you are bustin your ass doing something else. You are the least lazy person I know Katie. Hands down!

I'm coming home straight pins/quilting pins in hand!

Love you lots Lazy!
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