Tuesday, January 17, 2006


knitting as sport

The Harlot created quite a sensation in the knit-blogosphere yesterday with her creation of the Knitting Olympics. The premise: pick a project that will be a challenge to you, start it during or after the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, and complete it before the Closing Ceremony. That's sixteen days for a finished object.

At last count, 438 knitters had commented about this post, with the vast majority signing on for the challenge. Most of these knitters are planning on starting and finishing fair isle sweaters, heirloom quality lace shawls, or whole afghans (afghan the blanket, not the nationality...). In sixteen days. These are some intense knitters.

Me, I'm going to knit a hat.

You see, I'm the type of not-so-intense remedial slow-ass knitter that is challenged by a hat. I'm rationalizing that it is still a good project for the Knitting Olympics because I will have to use DPN's (maybe my first pair of socks will be like training for the big two weeks), knit cables and bobbles, and finish the damn thing while working full-time and going to school. In sixteen days. Did I mention that part already?

Looks like a new purchase of Cascade 220 is in order.

Should have known this would be an excuse to go to SWAK! You always make me smile!

Someday, after you've mastered socks and hats, can you make a knitty kitty.. and can it be this one? Awww.


Though I think a knitted afghan (the nationality, not the blanket) would be an interesting project.
I'd like to see you do a knitty kitty too!

Okay, nanda. I'll make you a knitty kitty (he is awfully cute). And maybe I should knit this up for Little Girl to explain where she came from:


A pretty, pink...womb.
I just don't get the whole "Hey, I'll knit an organ!" thing. Could someone explain it to me? Perhaps you could devote a blog entry to it.

I dunno, but at the guild meeting on Sunday there was someone who had knit and was wearing some of something like this:


At least those are a bit utilitarian. I can completely understand why someone would knit them. But a uterus? When was the last time you saw someone waring a knit uterus after a hysterectomy? At the site for the "womb" they didn't even know how to display the finished piece... So they hung it from a tree. I guess if we stretch the imagination a bit we could equate it to a piece of fruit. Fruit bearing the seed kind of thing. But it looks weird! A uterus in a tree!!!

Anyway, I'm curious to know how you knew the person who was wearing the PATTbits was indeed wearing the PATTbits.
Oops! that last post was from...

Yeah, you're right. I missed part of the conversation that day, but I think some of the women knew she had had surgery and she talked about knitting them. So she went in the bathroom, got it out, and had show and tell :)

Yeah the uterus is strange. Have you seen the complete digestive system?

I think they do it just to see if they can.
Yes. Katie's linked to it here on her blog. It is just too funny. And, I think you are right, they do it just to see if they can.

Who knows maybe the uterus knitter was inspired by the digestive knitter. Or vice versa. Regardless, pretty talented! So when can we expect a Brain Cap, shaped like a real brain from either you or Katie?

That's a really great idea. Maybe something with lots of bobbles would do the trick.
You know, Rick, your comment about a knit uterus having no purpose reminded me of a conversation we had a couple weeks ago about what is art and what is craft.

We decided that the primary difference is that while both are creative pursuits, art is usually not functional and craft is all about the function.

Following that, this knitted womb is...art?
You know I think I could see us paying to go to Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see an exhibit of knitted organs. Who knows Katie, if you knitted them it could be your entrance to the wonderful Art Scene. You know how much you would enjoy hanging out with that crowd!

Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Hi! Just wanted to wish you luck on your knitting olympics project! I've joined too and am making a shrug.

Seems we also have a bit in common. I'm an x-okie and am finding I actually miss some of it too (thunderstorms, seasons but not the bible belt!). But just can't bring myself to move into the state. LOL! So we're moving to Missouri. Close to relatives... but not tooo close. ;) Can't wait to hear the thunderstorms again. I soooo miss them!

Thanks, Hope! I hope you like living in Missouri. And good luck on your shrug!
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